North Sound Writers was born out of the love of writing. We are an eclectic group of authors, poets, and artists who aim to support one another to publication. We believe in growing as creatives, through a deeper education of our craft. Our goal is to celebrate all successes, both big and small.

Did you find one of our books?!

Keep it, read it, or pass it on! One of our goals at North Sound Writers is to get more people in the North Puget Sound reading. One of the ways we do this is by collecting new and used books. We turn around and give those books away for free! If you’ve found one of our books, we hope you enjoy it!  Not your kind of book? That’s okay, reading tastes can be as eclectic as favorite foods. Share it with a friend or leave it somewhere new for someone else to find.

Read, Keep, or Share!


Share Your Writing

Are you interested in joining our community of bloggers? If you would like to share your work, whether it’s a poem, fiction, essay, or about writing, we’d like to encourage you to reach and contact us today. We’re actively looking for contributors, will your work be our newest addition? Email us today at NorthSoundWriters@gmail.com



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