By:  Linette Morgan

The Elder, the oldest griffin, began his lessons the same way each season.  He didn’t have a name. Well, not a name any living griffin could remember, but he was respected and revered for his long and honorable life and, very simply, he was called Elder. 

By the time the young griffins were of fledging age they could, each one, nearly recite the stories themselves. As they approached adulthood, they could finally understand the importance of knowing the origins of their kind, and how they became the Pride they were. There were no written records, of course, so their accounts were passed from generation to generation in stories told by the elders of their race.  Other races had histories written down which included the griffins, but those were incredibly biased as a rule. The most accurate were written by the elves and kept deep in their libraries, sealed in rooms where they were protected from the elements.  But amongst the griffins…


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