By Lynn Bassett



Live for now

Or way back when

The future

The past

Is it now or then,

The very first cry

The laughter

The tears

Mourning the deaths

Braving the fears.

Is it worth the struggle

Hold on or let go?

I wonder quite often

But what do I know?

Life is it fated

Or do we get a choice

Grateful, resentful

Do we have a voice?

Do we get to say

When it’s time to go?

Oh what a mystery

A crazy show.

What part do I play

Am I the star?

This traveling circus,

How fast , how far?

Will I get to wander

Down a long lonely road?

Or will my trip be a short one

With a heavy load?

One thing is for sure,

It happens so fast,

Each moment, each breath

It could be our last.

We hurry, we dally

We stumble and fall

We fail ,we rally

Experience it all.

So much and so little

Ecstasy and pain

Blue skies and sunshine

Grey clouds and rain

Right side up

Upside down

Life’s contradiction

Smile or frown?

So let’s raise a cup, toast to life good or bad?

It is just life,

What a ride I have had.

I am getting tired my eyes they grow weak

The sun it is setting

With a tear on my cheek

It’s all about love

Everywhere that you look

In a child’s eye in the page of your book

Love it is there within and without a gift, and a torture

Of this there’s no doubt.

Live, love and laugh

In the wink of an eye,

It’s past and its future

It’s hi and goodbye.


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