By Linette Morgan

Walking into the local coffee shop, I find the “right place” to sit and leave my laptop and purse, sans wallet, of course, to go in search of the amazing iced tropical green tea I order every-single-time I come here to write.  We all have these rituals, don’t we?  The perfect music playlists or Pandora stations, with your headphones set to the ideal noise-cancelling volume.  It doesn’t matter if you listen to Pantera and Metallica, or if your inspiration is best set to the soundtrack of Loreena McKennitt and her contemporaries.

All of these things put us into the mindset for writing.  It inspires our muses to speak with us and weave their stories.  It is our job only to write them down and keep an accurate record of their histories and anecdotes.

For me; My rituals are almost religious.  Every repetitive motion, each little duck lined up on my desk shelf. Every little detail is infused with a bit of magick.  Little words spoken and energies assigned to make the best atmosphere for weaving the webs.  My characters are the architects and I and my trusty Lappytawp are the laborers.  (By the way, the wages suck so far, but I’m really looking forward to the payoff!) As I said, I can with complete honesty, compare my writing to my religion.  To prepare, you must shake off this mundane world and prepare yourself to create worlds and energies, and channel the personalities of ones who do not live on this plane of existence.  You speak for the gods in all their myriad of forms.  In order to tap into those places and beings, I must clear myself of the stresses of real life; I must cleanse myself if you will.  And when you wash away the mundane and turn off the distractions, you can only then tap into the magical worlds created just for us!


I love this path, and I want every single person to be able to walk it with me.  Whether it is by being lost in the pages I put out there for their pleasure, or to bring them into the magical fold of being one of the laborers which create and craft new beings on new worlds in new places!


What kinds of rituals do you have?  How do you prepare yourself to get lost in your craft?

I invite you to share what works for you. We all could use ideas and inspiration at times!

Blessings, and Happy Writing!



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