By Mike O’Connell

You hear those source less
whispers in the night,
see shadows, shifting,
where no shadows were before.
You notice eyes of demons,
burning in the reaching branches
of leafless trees.
You hear the wind, warning,
“Do not wander from lighted paths!”
You imagine clowns, out there,
in turbulent, forming fogs,
waiting to terrorize with giant smiles,
and way too many teeth.
You visualize evil ravens,
screaming dialogues of the dead,
suggesting you turn back, immediately.
These are not things new to you,
materializing as you read these words,
no, these are things residing in your
DNA, persisting, no matter
how much you deny.
Disguise yourself,
so the wicked will not see you,
as you are, under the mantle of
all hallows eve.
Happy Halloween.