By Miranda Boyer

I try to live in this world of hope, love, beauty and truth,

Often overshadowed by doubt,

My imagination runs ramped; I’m often lost and hopeless to escape it,

In every shape true to form I am me to my core,

You speak of darkness, but you are not alone in that,

I’ve known darkness too; taws’ in the depths of that I found hope and a will,

Don’t fear for me, for I do not cringe easily,

Everyone has a story to be told,

It brings us to who we are, but does not define us alone,

Corruption is for the corruptible and I am steadfast and strong,

The currents of fate work in mysterious ways,

We don’t always know why, but accepting them is the only call,

My intuition has never led me astray; tried and true it brought me to you,

I’ve seen it all before,

Much like a dream of night’s infinity passed,

In another life, we were one,

Your soul dances a waltz, not soon forgotten,

Mine dances too,

They spoke in secret only now telling us of their plan,

I was brought here by fate; calling me from across water and land,

Opposites be damned,

Opposites embraced,

In every set of eyes, I’ll look for you,

Waiting for your warm embrace.