By Mike O’Connell

her hair was bandied
into a convoluted bun squirrel
reaching circling itself
bangles dangling embedded
in a forest of deep red strands
wound around themselves tightly
tense resounding quietly
in our perception offset by her
steel blue eyes her tense
unagitated flashing with changes
in the light bombastic with her
simplicity her relaxed approach
to everything observed quantified
quietly wild presented to the world
made a little larger by her
presence in our lives she will
loom lightly in our memories
no matter where she goes
always laughing at the sputtering
of grace around us soothing
with a beauty both discreet
and primtive as if helen of sparta
clawed her way out of history
onto the pages of our lives
radiating deeper purpose
for the remnants of humanity
and me…