By Lynn Bassett

It pours out fruits and vegetables,

It’s called the horn of plenty.

Abundantly it gives to us

The turkey it feeds twenty.

The nuts and Apple’s Squash and figs Pour out upon the table.

The China, stemwater, and forks and spoons

A feast of treats,

a fable Of the first thanksgiving

The harvest, we celebrate.

Our gratitude of family Friends,

food upon our plate.

We toast each other,

Overeat,watch football on tv.

The pies they are to die for.

Cranberries just for me.

Happy thanksgiving

May all throughout the year

Abundance follow you and yours

May you never shed a tear.

We pray for peace and love for all

Food upon the table

Shelter, clothing and peace of mind

Bodies that are able.

So now we feast upon the bird,

The cornucopia of fall

With thanks we come together,

Happy Turkey day to all.