Remembering The Day


By Mike O’Connell

i remember the day
when the sky exploded
causing flash fires
on the plastic surface
of the nuclear seas
smelling like ozone
diesel fuel
fried fish and chicken
wafting through time
zones unabated roaring
poisons for music
started out a finer world
sunshine all that fluffy stuff
just before we drilled into
the skull of the earth
releasing the madness
lurking there
i remember the day
the government exploded
causing flash fires in our souls
wrenching optimism
from the suffering
hatefully denying freedom
to the free
searching for ways to
benefit from destruction
of nuclear oceans and
the last fresh waters
of the world
ignorance fuels the brains
of a government
wanting only money
unable to see beyond
the greed and
stupidity of it all
the sun will show today
a little hazy
a bit distorted
by the burning of the sky



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