By Miranda Boyer


I could have loved you more my dear, But I was too afraid to try.

I ran from this moment here, When it was time to say goodbye.

I miss the way you wake me up, And when you said goodnight.

Thank you for always fighting, that good and endless fight.

My heart it’s hurt, many times before.

But every time I think of you, It fractures a little more.

I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you, I’m so sorry I let you down.

I was planning twenty years with you, But only six months came around.

My cheeks, they hurt from crying, My mind a muddled pool.

I know I’ll see you someday, I just hope not very soon.

You fought right to the end, You made me oh so proud.

You know how much I’ve loved you, I lied before it’s true.

My heart it hurts from loving you, And losing you too soon.

Goodbye my friend my confidant, May this ending be your last.

I hope that you’ve found peace my love, Our time it went to fast.