By Sara Ray

What is a blessing? Do you know when you have received a blessing? How do you feel before and after you have received a blessing?

A blessing can be many things… in some religions, it is the laying on of hands to receive comfort, a healing from a higher power, like god.

My grandmother would always tell us to count our blessings and then she would list the blessings she counted daily… I am blessed with eyes that see, legs that carry me throughout my day, and on down her personal blessing list.

Blessings can also be the quiet peaceful moments we enjoy in life, a compliment received from a stranger. The connection with family between close friends.

Children, yes even we are being challenged by our children. It is a blessing with the knowledge of learning how to stay calm and work through things.

Blessings are all around, take a deep breath and just enjoy. In Alaska, the blessings are as wonderful as the warm sun after a long dark and cold winter.

Bessed be.