By Lynn Bassett

The ornaments are pretty,
the tree stands straight and tall,
But when we plug the lights in
None light up at all.
We ran out of wrapping paper,
The ribbon just won’t curl.
We never finished putting the lights on the house
Our wreath the wind did hurl.
It rolled across the highway,
A truck smashed it to bits.
And our hands are freezing,
Because we have no mitts.
The packages we ordered
Still have not arrived,
But it is still Christmas
I know we will survive.
Grandma quit her knitting,
No hats were made this year,
We are having venison for dinner
Because daddy hit a deer.
Our perfectly, imperfect Christmas
Is the theme this year
Nothing is going right
Except there’s lots of beer.
So we will all wear purple
Instead of red and green.
We will all make due with what we have
It’s not the worst we’ve ever seen.
Because like the grinch
With his feet deep in the snow
Christmas cannot be stopped,
This we all know.
There is so much more to it
Then what is found in a toy shop.
It’s spirit lives in everyone
Let’s take it from the top.
So merry Christmas darlings
And a happy New year as well
Hope is always present
Off the roof Santa, just fell.
So holly jolly
And all that stuff,
It comes only once a year.
Merry Christmas, Happy holidays
Upon this midnight clear.