Churning Yearning


By Mike O’Connell

we all maintain the same, stock,
variations of yearning. we share
(essentially)simply impossible,
quanta of want(a), such as:
wanting to be sixteen again,
knowing all of the crap you know,
right now.
going back in time to buy into
the initial stock market offering
of selected(successful), companies.
know the winners of all of the future
super bowls, on into an abbreviated
infinity that already has our dna
on file.
…..and then, with a little backwards
remembering, know when(and how)
we’re going to die.

instead, we are struggling to maintain
wishes, both gone and yet to be,
while pretending to understand
that we are stand alone beings,
possibly affecting the flight
of a butterfly by sneezing into
the wind, in all realities, and planets
hovering about the farthest stars…

yearning thusly, for this or that,
slows our progress
into comfortable nows, unburden
by yearning stimulated dreams,
leaving us with unanswerable
questions, slyly disguised as research
into the nature of our souls,
with only echoes to help us,
find our way.
if things remembered happen to
collide with how we want them to be,
piling up against an unwelcomed
fear of futures, then we become
frozen, velcroed to a present
that is already gone.



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