By Mike O’Connell

once, really, not that long ago,
all of our monsters could be
classified, graded, and filed,
neatly into categories. frankenstein,
dracula, mummies, werewolves,
and giant slugs, ants, zombies,
fast and slow. it was a comfortable
horror, one you could just flip away,
or evaporate by pressing a button.
now, they are all crammed together,
actual or digital, into imaginary worlds,
misunderstood areas of the earth,
and political parties. now, the monsters
are coming for us, relentlessly, out
from under our beds. we once had
them labled and marginalized,
now we taunt, haunt, and chase the
monsters, all away, as we are, in turn,
marginalized, fearful, and trapped
inside of our lost expectations,
patiently waiting for the movies to



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