By Mike O’Connell 

flying in a fantasy requires degrees
of fearlessness, not normally required
in a pedestrian dream. you must be
convinced that you can soar, without
the fear of falling, failing, that you will
not get tangled in the mass of wires,
leftover from your primordial sleeping.
gravity in your dreamscapes, will not
follow the physics that rule conscious
pathways of a waking life.
you may become overconfident, after
flying over the still waters of a silent
bay, and fail to notice the shadowy
shapes of fluxing anti-cities, with a
single eye in every lighted window,
watching, coaxing, editing, (where
subconsciously appropriate), applying
coordinated pressure on your flight plan,
revealing destinations that do not
you may encounter ghost like
apparitions, ethereal remnants of
surviving selves from previous flights,
both successful and catastrophic.
(remember that dream that snagged
you on the barbed wire fence, dragged
you through thorns and brambles,
leaving you bleeding and confused?).
every dream is generated by your
experience, and every experience,
generated by a dream. never fear
to fly….it’s the landings that will hold
you down….


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