Why I Write – Mike


By Mike O’Connell

Why do I write? I write because I enjoy
looking just a little deeper, peel the
plastic off, and try to see what’s around,
then turn it….only a little, until new,
unused reflections, appear, showing me
what is(mostly)possible, and where to
find the words needed to describe it. some
days, it’s like a ride, and I lean, way out,
to catch some air, challenging the physics
of the written word. typewriters were
magical instruments to me, and electric?
I still swoon. now, I pull those thoughts out,
stretch them ’til they reach their logical
endings, and share them, where I can.
I look forward to putting a book together
and sharing that with others.



1 thought on “Why I Write – Mike

  1. This is brilliant, Mike! Well done!


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