By Miranda Boyer

My world turns round
Moving at an unspoken pace
Some come for the night and stay a lifetime
Others promise a lifetime and fade before my eyes
Never even a little surprised
It doesn’t change the pain that follows
Emotions are not relinquished to the world
Masking them is less painful than facing the sun
Not even able to choose them
To want to want one thing
Forced against my will to need another
Like air to suffocating lungs
Life might always present choices
To listen to what my heart says
Or go against everything known to be true
The second choice is never an option
My voice screams out
Begging for my explanation
When the rest comes so freely
Penetrating thoughts without my permission
Unable to fully trust
Wanting to let everything go
Breathe in
Breathe out
Never the relief I want
Never the relief I need
My voice grows raw