Like What You See


By Lynn Bassett

What is this feeling,
It comes upon me fast,
That something is wrong with me
I wander to the past.
Searching for the answer
Desperate for change
To fix what is wrong
Not to feel so strange.
I try the cut and color,
Make up on my face,
Tattoos on my body
Trying to run the race.
And running is comfort
New places to see
This time will be the time
I can be free.
Acceptance is my goal
I will fit in
Be the perfect person
My life can begin.
But then it all starts over
That feeling of wrong

I start all the changes again
Trying to belong.
I look in the mirror
Then I realize
That no matter where I go
I’m seeing with the same eyes.
wherever it is that I may go
Or run away to,
When I look in that mirror
All I see is you
That wounded child
Who was never good
Never did a right thing
Not behaved as she should.
No amount of makeup
Hair color, or a tattoo
Can ever change the fact
That you are you.
Embrace all the imperfections
Understand that they are a part
Of the bigger whole
And then you can start,
To look in that mirror
And like what you see
No need for any pretense
Then you can just be.


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