By Miranda Boyer

Check out our new logo thanks to the one and amazing Eric Vargas. If you find yourself in need of a seriously talented artist for anything from your logo needs, to a graphic novel dreams, please keep Eric in the back of your mind. He listened to a horde of writers throwing ideas, changing our minds thirty times and still he produced this amazing piece for us. We are all over the moon and I can’t even began to thank him enough for his incredible work.

So I will do what I do best, I will praise his glorious name all over the interwebs in hope that we can bring him a little bit of that light he shared with us. Check out his Tumblr page up top, or his Patron page here. As writers we know what it’s like to put our art first. Every single day we put writing/art above other (arguably funner) things. Because every page is one closer to the dream. Whatever that dream may be.

From all of us at North Sound Writers, Thank you Eric!