By Lynn Bassett

It is the human condition,
Such cowards we can be.
We think anger makes us tough
Open your hearts, and you will see.

Your anger is a cover
For all the fear,
It takes courage to be open,
Please Listen here.

It is easy to lash out, Throw a punch, be full of hate,
It takes real courage
To be in a vulnerable state.

To offer your hand in peace,
Listen with loving ears,
Let compassion and empathy
Guide you through your years.

Real courage comes with kindness
To encourage, not tear down.
To offer yourself,
With a smile not a frown.

Be someone’s joy
Don’t be swayed by perceived sin
We are all the same
Underneath our skin.

We all bleed red
Our hearts, have been torn in two.
Allow love to be your journey,
Let PEACE live in you!