Dear Reader


By Miranda Boyer

Dear Readers,

Sometimes asking for help isn’t easy. This is one of those situations. We’re a budding organization with big dreams. We want to get books into the hands of more people. We want to mentor young teenage writers. We have ambitions of hosting a young authors summer boot camp. In 2019 we are planning a three-day subversive writers conference. We’re saving all our pennies to become an official non-profit. In the meantime, we’ve been collecting books to give away. We’re running this wonderful website so local authors have a chance to share some of their soul.

So many, many, dreams and one of the ways we get there is through membership and donations. We are working hard to increase our membership through outreach. But we’re trying something new by asking for donations.

If you have lived a thousand lives because of books…

If you are a book dragon…

If you believe in a correlation between reading fairy tails and intelligence…

If you believe ordinary people have big TVs but extraordinary people have big libraries…

If you believe that writing is as important as breathing…

If you write drunk and edit sober…

If you believe that writing, is the painting of the voice…

If your motto in life is, write something worth writing or do something worth writing about…

If you think writing is a calling, not a choice…

Then consider donating today. Even $1 helps us get that much closer to our dreams.

Thank you,

Miranda Boyer

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1 thought on “Dear Reader

  1. I will always do what I can. I’ll try to attend more meetings. I’m excited for the South Whidbey Co-Works at the library to start up. I hope we generate a great membership, and I hope you know you can count on me to help out wherever possible.


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