13 Reasons Why – Book Review



1 thought on “13 Reasons Why – Book Review

  1. Thank you for sharing your insight. I will have to start watching it, but my addictive personality with television means I should probably wait until I have a whole day to waste so I can just binge until the end.
    Suicide is a difficult topic for me to get into personally, as well. When I was a teenager, I was incredibly depressed, felt ostracized, alone, and hopeless. Whoever said high school is the best days of your life are lying twat-waffles. I hated every moment, even graduation. First couple of years in college weren’t much better. I thought about ending it several times. I attempted it once, and finally got the help I desperately needed through long term treatment. LONG TERM. Not visiting the counselors once a week. Like, every freaking day. For over a year. Again, it’s touchy for me but I wanted to write about my time in treatment for a while, and show the slow shift in mentality from a scared, lonely, depressed little girl to being a more confident (not always, but more often) young woman full of life and hope.
    I have had a friend commit suicide as an adult. I remember feeling so angry at him. And then angrier with the idea I have no idea why he did it. He was depressed, but never told anyone. He didn’t seek help.
    I wish I could reach out to anyone who sought to end their life, whether from bullying (gah, we have got to put a stop to online bullying, seriously), from depression, from being “different”. It gets better, but only when you reach out for help. There are people who care, even if you have never met them.
    Guess I’m going to be busy next week binging, huh?


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