We are opening submissions for our first annual North Sound Writers book. This will be a compilation of both genre fiction, and non-fiction as well as poetry. The theme this year is FIRSTS. Let your imagination take you as far as it can with this.

We will be taking submissions till August 1st.

To submit your piece, please adhere to the following guidelines.

The length of short stories both fiction and non-fiction must fall between 2,000 – 8,000 words.

Poetry is free form.

Every story must somehow relate to the theme, FIRSTS. This is our first year with North Sound Writers, and our group has been through a lot of firsts. This is our way of celebrating.

Please send us a query, a one paragraph synopsis for short stories, and your submission in the body of an email to


We know being paid for your work is an important part of working in the arts. Unfortunately, we’re not in that position yet. What we will offer you is a copy of the completed book in a digital format and a discount on printed copies. It’s not much, and this could change before November, when we expect to publish, enabling us to offer you more. But for now, it’s a chance to see your work in print and the chance to help a greater cause. All proceeds will go to support North Sound Writer’s and our not for profit goals.


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