The Letter

Growing up we were inseparable, as young adults it was the same.
Then one day we were offended and things were never quite the same.
The years have gone by quickly and always you are in my thoughts.
I think of all the adventures we had as girls growing up.
Our plans back then were simple, together we’d always be.
Often while I am treasure hunting on Saturdays I see so many things that
remind me of thee.
I think to myself, I should call her the fight was so many years ago…
I then tell myself No…she made it clear on that sad day that we were
friends no more.
I was in a dark sad place as I checked the mail today… inside was
an envelope printed with my name. The return address name was missing,
so I opened it right away. With all the texting of this modern age who sends
letters now days?
The letter was quite short but the words meant oh so much… I miss you
and felt lost with out our constant talks. As children we were inseparable though
our families moved us miles away. It was the letters that connected us. Every week
we wrote. I know it has been but I miss you oh so much. You’ve always been my
very best friend and through the letters we always kept in touch. Our argument was
years ago over what I still don’t know…but letters were our special thing and I’d
like to reconnect again.
The words were like magic, I raced home to reply. There were so many things I
wanted to share, I hoped I had a stamp. Now it’s been many months sense that letter
came and every week I send one out like the past had never been.
Letters are long visits when friends are far apart. The letter I received now many months
ago reconnected me to my best friend…though we are still many miles apart.

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