by Miranda Boyer

Like a lot of people, I will forever associate Mara Wilson with Matilda, but now I will also associate her as a talented writer. I follow Mara on Twitter and she is usually good for several laughs a day, as well as some good political commentary.  When she announced that she had been writing a book, my inner autobiography loving whore got in line. I can’t help myself. I want to read them all!

I was floored, brought to tears on multiple occasions, and in awe of her perseverance through things that would have shredded another human. As a writer myself, the one thing I hope to do is reach out and move my readers for the better. Ther was a story Mara tells, about her battle with OCD and a book that she read which changed her life. It gave me chills. Mara read a book about a teenager with OCD and she knew for the first time, she wasn’t alone in her battle instead, she now knew what it was called. She was able to find answers and help and it started with a novel called KISSING DOORKNOBS. Mara addresses mental health in her book with grace. I imagine that there is some girl or boy who will read her novel and understand for the first time that they are not alone.

Mara talks about working on Matilda, and Mrs. Doubtfire. What it was like losing Robin Williams, someone who she’d looked at as a father figure. Mara’s often self-deprecating humor spot on. I was cheering for her when she found her muse and crying when she lost her mom. I enjoyed every moment of this book and only wished that it was a bit longer.