Moon Rocks


By Sara Ray

Growing up in a large family is always an adventure. It also leads to competition in form or another. For me it was no different. I am the 2nd eldest of ten children. At the time of this story, there were only eight of us.

There I was with my younger sister Kym on our way to school. It was a cool morning with no breeze and I wasn’t about to let my brothers Jay and Jace beat me to school. We were racing ahead of the boys so we could win.

I always made sure my sister Kym was with me. Who else could I get to carry my clarinet case? It was only a few miles from our house to school, but the few miles was mostly dirt trails across the Nevada Desert. I allowed us a quick pause from running to catch our breath. The boys were still way behind and eating our dust.

Looking down where the next trail met up with the one we were on, lay something magical, Moon Rocks! They had to be! Hidden under a large sage brush, were several large gray chunks of rock with pit marks all over them. They looked like the surface of the moon. I knew because dad let us see it through a telescope on a clear night sky.

“What a great discovery,”I told my sister as we loaded the moon rocks into my school bags, before walking the rest of the way to school. The boys could win this time, I had something better, I had Moon Rocks.

I made my sister swear to keep quiet about the moon rocks until we could get home and show dad. As always, she agreed it was a great idea.

That day at school seemed to last forever. When we got home, we still had to wait even longer for dad to get home from work. Dad taught 2nd grade at one of the other schools in town. When dad finally walked through the front door, Kym and I were there waiting to proudly present him with our Moon Rocks and the story of how we found them. Both my sister and I were beaming with pride at our achievement.

Dad laughed and told us it was just pieces of concrete pocked by the rain before it could cure. Then he took our special find, and tossed them out into the backyard without another word.

I still say they were Moon Rocks, after all, dad didn’t know everything and my sister agreed with me.








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