By Pattie Beaven

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog post I felt was important enough to share.  I’ve worked a little on my book.  I work a little on my own personal well-being- exercise, trying to eat right, and expand my mind with classes and programs.

One particular program I’ve discovered is “Optimize” with Brian Johnson.  As a motivational philosopher, Brian has developed a program to unleash your optimal self.  There are over 400 books that Brian’s read, dissected, and created notes for you to read or listen to.  And his Master Classes are eye-opening and mind-blowing to realizations on how to be a better writer, how to discipline ourselves and establish healthy habits for our writing, and how to not just meet your goals, but blast through them with exceptional force.

I admit, I have way too many “squirrels” in my life.  Subscribing to Optimize isn’t going to magically whisk those distractions away.  But it is opening my eyes to see them.  Before I didn’t even know they were really there.  Even if someone pointed them out to me, I’d ignore them.  But to have ME recognize how often I play my games, or read mindless emails, or post pointless memes on Facebook- when I observe these distractions myself, that’s when I can make the biggest difference.

I have lofty goals for the new year.  I want my book published and working on getting another published.  These are feasible, but they do require some ground work.  And as much as I love the idea that sitting around thinking about writing is the same as writing, it doesn’t get my book finished. But Optimize has helped me progress in that area too.  In the Masters Classes, I’ve honed my skills of creating healthy habits.  I’ve been reminded of how I taught my animals to perform amazing feats and incredible behaviors- by starting small and progressing one step at a time.  STARTING SMALL!!!!!  Too often I try to begin at step 4 or 5 instead of step 1.  I get burnt out and frustrated, and then have to start over anyways.  Even though starting “so small you can’t fail” seems like a waste of time, it saves time from getting ahead of yourself and then having to start all over again.  Slow and steady wins these races. This is OUR craft, OUR creation.  It is worth the time and effort we put into it.

While the classes on Optimize are well done and truly worth the $10 a month, you don’t have to throw the money down to get some useful tidbits of motivation from Brian Johnson.  His youtube channel has been an incredible resource for inspiration and encouragement to get work done, and explore new ways to let my creative juices flow.

Incorporating Optimize into my daily routine is one of my top goals for 2017.  Listening to a podcast on a favorite book while fixing and eating breakfast seems like a wonderful way to start a day.  Jotting down some interesting points from a Master Class is productive and expands my horizon for knowledge, enthusiasm for learning, and sparks ingenuity.

Check out Optimize.me to see how far your optimal self can go in 2017!



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