The Little Spark, Part IV- 101 Ways to get Inspired


By Pattie Beaven

Oooh, tell me all the secrets of how to get super inspired and motivated to rock out my writing! Sorry, there is no secret or magic bean to give you everything you need to be the best writer, but some of these ideas aren’t too out there. And maybe one of them works great for you.


4)  Get Inspired

Slow Down- practice being mindful. If you are making dinner, make dinner. If you are cleaning a room, focus on just doing your task at hand.


Window Shop- Being creative means wandering through your life like an openhearted warrior, paying attention to the world around you. It means seeing with all your senses, feeling the world, and finding meaning in those experiences.

Go shopping and look around. Observe creative engines used in mannequins, display walls, and windows. Notice what captivates your imagination. Go to a farmer’s market and investigate the style of your own hometown.


Allow yourself to Daydream- activate the creative process and yield wonderful fruits.


Take a Day Off- I’d love to be the most disciplined person who commits to their art everyday, and they are patient and steadfast. But I’m not. Some days, I need a day off.

You can’t force your creativity. You can’t strong-arm your inspiration.

“I’d rather not work and fill up on popcorn at the latest Marvel flick, or take a day trip off island than sit around waiting for my spirit to fly into the room- waiting for magic.”

There is a fine line between working through boredom/writer’s block/other obstacles and recharging your batteries when needed.


Exercise- Research shows using muscles helps your mind. Studies have revealed improved creative thinking after aerobic exercise. And it also helps you get out of your head sometimes.

Do a hard exercise- lose yourself to it. The harder you work the quieter our thoughts. You might find your thoughts going to the future or the past. Bring writing material and write after if ideas come to you.


Okay, so maybe not 101, but a lot of ways to get inspired. Try one. Try them all. For me, I can’t recommend exercise enough. True, I’m writing a fitness book. But exhausting myself before a writing session seems to give me a flow of inspiration. There are a couple workouts I do with my husband where we swear we are the funniest people alive after we complete them. It’s probably a little lack of oxygen to the brain, but we call those workouts “Comic Gold”. Because the activity is incredibly freeing.

I’m also a fan of taking days off, but I also have minimum words I write everyday no matter what. Does my minimum word count mean I have to write my book every single day? Don’t be absurd. This blog post counts. My own personal blog counts. Side projects count. Notes on books I’m reading, especially if they relate to my subject or influence my writing. Shopping lists and to-do lists don’t count. I love lists, but I have to draw a line somewhere.

Which of these inspirational ideas speak to you? And how will you incorporate them into your writing and creative life?





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