The Little Spark, Part 5- Seriously, get rid of all that Negativity. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That


By Pattie Beaven

In case the first part where we eliminated negative talk doesn’t completely work, here’s one more chance to squash your doubt and fear once and for all.

I’m kidding, sort of. Doubt, fear, and negativity are a part of our process. They’ll creep up now and again. But that’s probably why there are two different sections designated to that. Because we are always going to have to work on it.

“Fear is the boiler room in the basement of our creativity. The same logs of imagination that fuel the fire of fear can also fuel our creativity.

You can’t be creative without being vulnerable. But creativity is also a way to battle anxiety. Let it become your version of anti-anxiety meds.”

Here are some ways to deal with the nasty doubts and fears when they inch their way into your brain and take over.


5)  Kill Doubt and Face your Fears

Rituals- start with a meditation, prayer, or gratitude moment. Burn sage to cleanse energy

Music- get into the flow by getting into some inspirational jams

Affirmations- stay present, grounded, and away from self-doubt. Repeat positive sayings to keep Crazies away

Talismans- object to provide good luck and fortune. These can boost confidence, clarity and self-love. They give as much help as we let them. I have a statue of Ganesha on my desk, not just because I love elephants and mythology of gods and goddesses of other cultures, but because Ganesha is considered the patron of creative people, the remover of obstacles, and blesses us with the gift of vision and flow.

.                       Be a Beginner- Zen Masters call the beginner’s mind a concept of playful openness and lack of preconceptions. As you work, think like a beginner and don’t read too much into how something is “supposed” to be done and focus on doing it with an open mind, as though you don’t care because you are just starting off.

Fake it Until You Make it- Amy Cuddy, a popular motivational speaker and author, talks about Power Poses. In an interesting study, folks who performed Power Poses for just 2 minutes right before going into an interview were more likely to be offered the job than those who didn’t prepare any differently. This may be because Power Poses can change hormones and boost confidence, leaving you feeling quite empowered.


When you are in your groove, we want to hear about it. We want to read your life’s work, your soul’s gritty memoir, and that fascinating tale that’s been brewing inside you. Tell us how you have overcome obstacles. Tell us about your journey. And share your quest with the world.

This last part is a call for you to reach out and let yourself be embraced by the wonders this world has to offer.

6)  Share Your Work with the World

Some simple ways to share your creative work with the world (right here on Whidbey Island):

North Sound Writers’ blog

North Sound Writers’ Compilation book- submissions through September 30

First Page Reads events (one coming up on August 29)

Toastmasters- it made me a better writer!

Farmer’s Markets


Facebook groups


One final note. I have condensed and paraphrased the crap out of The Little Spark: 30 Ways to Ignite Creativity in Your Life. I certainly didn’t want to reprint her entire 125 page book. Who has time for that? But I wanted to share the main essence I received from the book. Still took a while.

Carrie Bloomston has one final piece of advice for anyone embarking on this journey of creativity. Trust yourself. You don’t need a book, or a workshop, or a fancy workspace in an office building to feed your story. You need you. Your book needs you. So, let that little spark ignite and set the world ablaze with your awesomeness.

Keep writing, keep rocking!



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