Why I Write – Sara


By Sara Ray

Why do I write?  How can I not?  From as far back as my memory flows, I have made up stories and poems.  My elder brother Stephen would draw set designs and we would male puppets for plays I created then we would charge the younger kids to sit and watch them.  In middle school once when I was grounded to my room.  I came across a book titled The Lost Legend of Finn by Mary Tannen.  Shortly after reading it my Dad came into the room with his hands behind his back and a twinkle in his eye. “If you’re going to read a book, he said you should start with the first book in a series.” he then handed me “The Wizard Children of Finn.  He was right!  Dad never got the books back and I have read them both well over 100xs each.  My most favorite books are by Robin Mckinley.  I was first introduced to her when I came across ” The Hero and the Crown” a book I chose from RIF (Reading Is Fun) at school.  And Later “The Blue Sword”.  I have several copies of both I read them so much…I still do.  In high school, my English teacher Mr. Cunnungham gave me a blue journal with gold etching and told me that I had great talent as a writer…
That was over 30 years ago.
Why do I write?  To feed the voices that shout out in my head.  When I write others are able to hear their stories and share in their adventures. In my early 20’s I took a writing aptitude test for the Institute of Children’s Literature and was accepted in their 2yr writing course.  At the time I had two young children still in dippers so finding the time to write became a personal challenge just to complete my assignments.  My husband was always supportive.  He knew even before we were married how important writing was and still is to me.  There were many in my Family and circle of friends who told me that I was waisting my time and money with writing and that I need to raise my children.  It took me four years to complete the classes by then both of my children were in school.  I never stopped writing.  There was a long tome when I did stop sharing what I wrote with others, most of whom had tried to break my confidance in my desire as a writer. Now I am back!  My kids are both grown and are having kids of their own…Yes!  I am a Grandma and the words still flow from my pen.  I now as a writer I face the challenge of taking my ink blots from my quill and typing them up on the computer.  The hand full and more of rejection letters from my children’s books encourage me to better myself as a writer. Why do I write?  Because inside of me are so many stories and adventures that desire to get out and be shared with like minded souls.



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