The Spark, Part 2- In which we get ready to get ready for our Creative Life


By Pattie Beaven

I finished reading The Little Spark: 30 Ways to Ignite Creativity in Your Life by Carrie Bloomston. Carrie is an incredibly creative artist, writer, friend, and mother. Her words have brought a bit of a distracting spark of motivation to tend to my dreams in serious and provoking ways. Such as her second really big idea- preparing your life for your creativity…

  • Creating Your Creative Space

~Clean the clutter of your creative space. Clutter doesn’t help.

~Don’t share space either- find another home for non-related objects, trinkets, and items and don’t let them migrate back to your area. It’s YOUR SPACE!

~Make your space convenient and inspirational

Unplug- While it’s possible to get inspired by a blog, Pinterest, or even Facebook (really, though? really?), a cacophony of tweets and blurbs will bombard us and take us out of the moment. Make your space an unplugged area, at least for short periods of time. Get connected to the real moments right in front of you.

Have a Net- Inspiration is ephemeral and fleeting. It comes and goes within seconds. Have writing material ready anywhere and everywhere, but most importantly in your creative space. Have some in the bathroom, beside your bed, and even in the kitchen. Never let Inspiration slip away.

~Write a favorite and inspirational quote on a wall where you can see it everyday.

Prepare your creative space for your mind, too

~Vision Board/Vision Box

Vision Board is a collage of images representing your desires. What you put on your board will show-up in your life. You can manifest what is on the board. It will be created in your life through your intentions.

Vision Box is a decorated box to place trinkets, objects, and crafts that have special meaning to you. You can add to it, take things out as needed. The same idea applies as the vision board, it will help you manifest your desires and intentions.

~Mission Statement

Use one word to describe what your unique creative path looks like.

One word to describe how it feels to be on that creative path

What’s two words to describe your creative path?

Write it as a sentence

Write a mission statement. Set your intentions. Write it in the present tense and first person. Be specific.

Example- I am learning modern dance at a local dance studio. I feel competent and alive. I perform with the group on stage. I feel graceful in my skin. I feel content and peaceful. My whole life is transforming as I open up to my passion



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