By Lynn Bassett

When a baseball bat is swung
A cap is always worn.

A Turban decorates the Sheik,
A black hat’s for when we mourn.

A bride is covered by a veil,
BooPeep, she wore a bonnet.

You must remove them when you eat,
A chapeau, the French, they don it.

A queen wears a tiara,
The king, his is a crown.
The jesters hat is funny,
All laugh when he’s around.

Then there is this famous cat,
He wears upon his head
A very special magic hat.
Cat in the Hat
Seuss said.

They’ve never gone out of style,
These covers that we wear.
Crazy shapes, and colors,
Look at the people stare.

The protection that they give us,
The statements that they make,
The Red Hat ladies,
The Rat Pack
Man those guys were jake.

We love the Hat
We always have,
For fashion and for fun

So try one on, Don a cap
Go out and get ya one.