(dragging earth)


by Mike O’Connell
we re dragging the earth behind us
as we angrily go along
we re borrowing her spirits
never intending to return them
we are using her as a toilet a dump
using her forests as kindling
while we try to burn the sky
we are still burning carbon
remnants of previous inhabitants
as if we had bred them
for fuel we are turning oceans
into shimmering simmering
irradiated plastic stews
slow death unfolding as we wait
for explosive catastrophes
societies dissolve beneath us
the clueless stewards of a planet
we re so desperate to leave
in oily red rivers of progress
that failed so soon after its birth
while practitioners fueled by greed
spread out to infect the universe
(Mike O’Connell 11/18/17)


1 thought on “(dragging earth)

  1. I love the ugly beauty in this piece. A genius with words, you are, Mike.


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