Sullivan’s Story


By Pattie Beaven


Sullivan sits soundly saliva-soaking so Sully’s super silky soft .
Sullivan sees self as solar system’s center- so special. So significant.
Spectacular saliva-soaked Sullivan sullenly sings sad songs.
Sully’s starving. Someone send sustenance so Sully ceases spontaneous sick spewing.
Sully’s stupid servants serve sub-standard slop slowly so Sully screams strenuously.
Soaking sunshine so sovereignly, Sully’s supremely satisfied since satiating starving sensation.
Suddenly, Sully slides psychotically, singular string sticking sideways. Sullivan seems somewhat
spaced, senselessly stalking supposed snakes.
Sullivan stops. Sun sets sinking. Sully settles sleepily, snuggling serenely on soft spread. Soon
Sully snores soundly.


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