by Mike O’Connell
she looked over at me
toothless smiling
but clearly spoke

my son is coming today
he s bought a little house
in sedro woolley and i ll
be moving in there
you see
and i ll see him
and the grand kids everyday
i ve already packed my
suitcase with the few
things i have left to pack
but my son says there ll
be furniture and a nice bed
a big tv and my dog
can live there too
its been so long since i ve
seen them i hope i can still
recognize them
remember their names
some of the things they like
what songs we used to sing
when we all got together
christmas is coming i think
and i ll get a small tree
for my little home
and the kids will have presents
to open and it ll be a grand time
i have to go pack
you see
my son is coming today
i think
coming to take me home

she smiled and turned away
but not before
a tear slipped down her cheek
and she didn’t bother
to wipe it away