By Mike O’Connell
they have
comfortable faces
soothing to see
they have deeper eyes
connected to soaring minds
testing testing always testing
using vast imaginations
to hold the heavens in place
creating alternatives to
wonderment that can accommodate
beauty unseen unravel the mysteries
of thought expanding an inner
comprehension to include their lives
and the challenges of mortality
knowing where the limits lie
riding wonderful storms
roaring just out of sight
stirring possibilities
keeping winds of folly at bay
with empathy compassion
seeing where pain resides
holding it their hearts where
instinct prevails where generations
have left markers showing
the paths to enlightenment
in whatever forms it may take
they are beautiful to the hearts
of others and themselves
holding phosphorescent signs
to light the way in darkness
and in the day
they observe testify relate
the world they see in ways
we all understand and
aspire to be


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