They will come in pairs,
Marching to their own tune.

Soldiers of the rebellion
Under the fullest moon.

Rising up for freedom
Human rights for everyone.

Left right left right
Under the noon day sun.

Neither king or queen
Can Squash their will.

A force to be reckoned with
They shoot to kill.

Their words the ammunition
Conviction the words of the chant.

Nothing can ever stop them
No end to the crazy rant.

Repression will be extinct
Expression will be of great worth.

No man ever left behind
Open your mind, be part of the birth.

No one will stop us
Until every man walks free.

Experience the revolution
March along you’ll see.

We all are worthy
Of happiness it is said.

We are all created equal
Free from fear and dread.

Mark these words I tell you
Soon they will come true.

There will be a unification
Love will surely be the glue.


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