Backend Roads

By Lynn Bassett

As I walk these back end roads
My step is oh, so slow.
My eyes strain to see the sights,
My cane I drag in tow.

Time has passed so quickly.
I struggle with each breath.
I have a friend beside me,
May I introduce you to death.

He seduced me with his poetry
Of quiet peaceful ends.
I enjoy his company
Such comfort it lends.

He helps me along slowly
Each turn is my desire.
Patience and understanding,
I know he’s not a lier.

I believe he will bring me
Beyond right and wrong
In a field, I will meet you.
Now it won’t be long.

Nothing will separate us.
One ,we will become.
Glorious incantation
Follow the bees hum.

For death is not an ending
It begins a new parade.
As the old becomes new again,
I am not afraid.


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