The Closing Door

By Lynn Bassett

Your experience,
it’s your asylum.
That place you can never depart.

Age, pain and wisdom,
It’s not for the faint of heart.

Life it’s just life.
It’s not good or bad.

Be grateful for
The life you have had.

Be it of spirit
Or material,
So sure , one time
It all was BULL.

We live , we learn
Let’s hope we do.

One mistake, or was it two.
Or three or four,
then many more

It seemed
that we would never learn.
Then time slows down
We take a turn.

Remember when our life was young and full
Nothing then was ever BULL.

Love was grand,
We took a stand,
On our feet
We knew we’d land.

This life it’s made us what we are
Hopefully we’ve traveled far,
Back to that place
When life felt new
Only now we have the clue.

We understand the reason for
The slowing down,
The closing door.

Now we smell the roses
On our way
Down our path to yesterday.

Our age, our wisdom,
And our pain,
They were the only way to gain,
Appreciation of these things,
Toys and swings.

Life , it’s what happens
While on our way
Back down that path
To yesterday.


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