By Mike O’Connell
consumed by cults
the world wobbles into
confusing layers of preferred
faiths each a marvel of
imagination floating about
taking notes judging humanity
using standards pulled from
the asses of profits using
ambiguous measures
calculated by priests cloth
cutouts of actual people
earth bound with heads
in imaginary clouds preaching
unproven dogma supported by
heirarchic phantasms flitting
about over the head somewhere
where they have stationed
angels in strategic places
as distractions shrouded by
images of holy construction
projects to support greedy
gods and their perpetrators
flagellating before ghosts of
of beings that never where
barely fitting into our limited
imaginations leaving an
unrecognizable emptiness
filled with nothing while you
realize you sold your soul to
an invisible version of you
looking the same
murmuring identically
believing the same
all dying their individual
perfect deaths with none
of them going to the same
damned place



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