By Lynn Bassett

It Enticed me.
One taste and
I now see.

There’s power in a substance
The influence that it may hold.
Increasing our nature
Be it quiet or bold.

It can come in any form
It’s mission to enslave
It will stir up chaos
Or insist that we behave.

This concoction
Be it concrete or ethereal
It is hypnotic
Consequences, there are several.

With it some find power
or violence and pain.
Whatever be your thinking,
Influences what you might gain.

It’s power could control you
Or inspire the self to change.
Know exactly who you are,
Be open to the exchange.

Words and images hold power
Over what we may believe
It may open up our hearts and mind
Or it may deceive.

The power of charisma
And our own insecurities
Needing something to believe in
Be careful of absurdities.

Find your own path
See what works for you
Never follow blindly
Your truth you should pursue.

They call it all religion
Each one thinks they hold the key.
They have all the answers
Come hither, follow me.

We are only human
Flawed is our middle name.
Please don’t be a victim
Remember we’re all the same

We live, we learn,
Mistakes are always made
Love should be the guiding force
Compassion should be your trade.

Be a love dealer
Come along its free to try
Compassion and understanding
These things, they never lie.


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