By Mike O’Connell
went limping with some
words this morning
trudged artificial miles
through tall trees
ferns fanning glyphs
traversing cutbacks
blind corners sometimes
bouncing others plodding
along path free routes toward
undeveloped endings forded
rivers of distraction ignoring
easy bridges made note of
mechanical birds rabbits
dancing with some vowels
suspended in vibrating lines
forming weaving staggardly
building verbal bonds to
fading memories webbed
together with hopes and dreams
some gone forgotten loose
threads dangling taunting
receding as i reach out from
deeper thought dragging
little units of truth through
the muck of reality knitting
events together lest they
fall away like all the other
missed opportunities for
enlightenment crammed
into the corners of cognition
left to find their own way
into expression serenaded
by crows of encouragement
expanded moments with a
back beat of clocks clunking
along covering my tracks
through my portion of forever



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