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By Ryan Payne

Destiny is a funny, fickle thing. Supposedly, it can change at the drop of a hat. Even by something as simple as whether you decide to get a glass of water over a glass of soda. I’ve been thinking a lot about destiny, paths, fate (whatever you want to call it) a lot lately.

Recently I’ve had some very eye-opening experiences which have made me aware of the concept. As scary as it is, it makes me realize how we truly have to navigate our own destiny. I’ve heard it a million times over but taking fate into your own hands is beyond true. I’m getting out of the military soon and I’ve had multiple job offers. Acting for multiple agencies, continuing government jobs, bartending, etc. Each one is making me realize how my path could change and will change depending on whatever I choose.

I lead with my heart. Which sometimes leads to contradictions. Being in an ultra-organized, by the book occupation prevents my personal goals and objectives from being truly fulfilled. Hence why I have decided to separate and lead a different path.

There is someone who is in my life who I feel could alter everything. This person lives in Florida and we have been talking for several years. But here’s the catch, we have never met. Through our years of endless conversations, I have realized there may be a spark between us, maybe something more than just friends. This person makes my day brighter when they simply just text me or sends me a picture of what they’re doing. This person is crazy smart, beautiful inside and out, and perplexing but I believe would teach me so much and expand my horizons. From my point of view, there’s this build up. Like the climax of a story. Where the hero achieves their goal or the main character figures out their purpose to the intricate plot. Although I have never met you, I want you to know, you are important. I can feel it deep down how important you are. Maybe I’m crazy.  For whatever reason, I am at peace with whatever crazy that may be. I plan on meeting this person in September. As terrified as I am, and logic tells me this doesn’t make sense, my heart tells me that there may be something there. Can logic really affect someone’s path whatever that may be? Logic goes out the window way more than what many of us realize. How will I ever know if I don’t take my destiny into my own hands?

No matter how farfetched or unimaginable something is, if it’s in your capability, consider changing your destiny and see where it leads. Life is exciting and scary and is filled with the unknown and it inflicts every array of emotion in our being. And who are we if we don’t feel? Go out there. Take a chance, a leap, or even a flight to Jacksonville, because there just may be something waiting to surprise you on the other side.


1 thought on “Destiny

  1. Very nicely put, Ryan!


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