The Fall


By Lynn Bassett

I do not see you
But I feel you in every way.
In the pit of my stomach,
To the words I might say.

You change my view
From good to bad.
You change my happy
Into sad.

My taste is forgotten
Because I don’t eat.
My muscles are slack
Because I’m off of my feet.

I perceive nothing
My mind a blank
I am not inspired
Empty is my tank.

I no longer care
About anything at all
You show up
Just before I fall.

You hang around
Until all hope has expired
And then the next day
I am no longer tired.

You have left me for now
My smile returns.
I am back on my feet,
Creativity burns.

My life’s companion
Now and then, On life’s road
You show up again
and I turn into a toad.



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