By Lynn Bassett
Standing at the crossroads
Unable to choose
Right, straight, or left
So very much to loose.

I want to travel the middle path,
And learn to compromise.
To see the value in everything,
I believe this would be wise.

To know myself, to understand
That in the bad there’s good.
A lesson in everything
If only I would,
Accept that nothing’s perfect
And neither am I,
And to stop wasting
All the tears I cry.
Save them for the important things
Like grief, and joy and love.
Suffering, a stricken child
Miracles from above.

All or nothin, that’s my way,
Balance, it’s hard to achieve.
It always seemed impossible,
It was difficult to believe.
Could balance be attained?
Not easy but worth the work.
Perhaps it would be easier
To be an total jerk.

Kindness and compassion
To care about another soul
Needs to be balanced,
Sense of self is the goal.

To know me is to love me
But not everybody will,
I need not worry anyways,
The middle’s the top of the hill.
From here I can see every side,
Right ,left and up and down
The view, it is magnificent
At this point
It will be found.


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