steel blue


By Mike O’Connell
eyes steel blue
like her hair
sharpened shovels
excavating my attention
by roots rotting
loosening by years
falling out to float free
joining others in a
filter somewhere
falling like an oak
from the high cliffs of time
i bang my head against
her gaze she splits it open
revealing the doubt inside
she disappears her form
blending with a billion
other faces on the streets
but she is hagridden
tormented by my fear of her
spent goddesses hold her
to the earth where was born
torn from the wombs of history
she floats before me true blue
incomplete more gone than i
more there than i ever was
unwavering staring from my
mirror looking at a face i
can’t unsee stolen from
the archives of alternate
consciousness knowing
(finally)it is not treachery
she portends but skies eyes
blue with some clouds
possible sans baubles
looming over the scabbed earth
and an advance of a life
long lived fantasy set aside
making room for truth


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