By Mike O’Connell
watched tv for sixty years
looking for clues
there was nothing there
like a speeding clock
(cars for hours)
thought there would be
something like me in that
universal studio
there was nothing i was
disconnected set aside
at the whims of money
unknown demographics
get little plenty from the horn
you may compose a character
out of a gunfighter
a comedian
all cleaned up
buffed unnatural
suits that cost more
than my car
robots following programs
programs following robots
turn the page
wars for months
days undone by sameness
and we change channels
turn the page
get it before its gone
you don’t want to be
left out something for us
to talk about compare
be a member of share with
others the nature of your
fails become upset about
rant about unacceptable
changes to the norm
perceived illuminated by
echoes of authority
voted on
passed voice never needed
as your tv prays for you
insuring it will make it into
the sponsored heavens
digitally anointed wagging
your money like a tail
to get there
tv dangled perfect families
fulfilling aspirations of
those on parade
trickling down into false
bottomed banks
stealing pennies from
the penniless
pre judged
dancing for dollars
driving cars from
other lives
but even now
(when i can watch whatever i want)
there is nothing there



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