First Tuesday Meetings

We meet on the FIRST TUESDAY of every month at 6pm El Cazador. Our agenda and secretary notes for each month can be found here.  We encourage every member, active or people just interested, to please come and see what’s going on in our North Sound Writer’s community.

We pass the agenda out every at every meeting but if you’re unable to attend and would still like an emailed copy, please let us know at

A tipical agenda looks something like this:


1. Start of meeting, sign in with Sara

2. Treasury Report / Budget Approval

3.  Membership

  1. $60 A Year
  2. We have a minimum of 15 official meet-ups per month for FREE.
  3. Paperback of NSW Annual Compilation book
  4. Attend Optimize Classes
  5. Voting say on all creative issues with North Sound Writers
  6. You’re helping to keep these meetups running
  7. You have first knowledge via email of upcoming events, meetings, ideas, etc.
  8. Can win awards

4. Conference Committee Updates

5. Book Collection

6. Webpage


  1. Contributors need to contribute ONCE A MONTH or lose their status as a contributor as of January 1st 2018
  2. Why I Write for all Bloggers! a Minimum of 250 words about why you’re a writer, what you’re doing to complete your goals, what are you sacrificing to make it, do you reach out, why does this group help you.
  3. The website was given a face lift in January. Log in and tell us what you think
  4. The calendar has dates to all of our events listed

8. Book Club

9. First Page Reads

10. Writing Contest for MEMBERS ONLY to be read at First Page Reads

         Winner will be featured online and on our 2018 Anthology.

11. Open Forum



12. Writing Successes!

13. Local Announcements and Writer Happenings..


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