First Tuesday Meetings

We meet on the FIRST TUESDAY of every month at 6pm Sweet Rice on Pioneer. Our agenda and secretary notes for each month can be found here.  We encourage every member, active or people just interested, to please come and see what’s going on in our North Sound Writer’s community.

October Agenda 2017

October Minutes 2017

September Minutes 2017

September Agenda 2017

August Minutes 2017

August Agenda 2017

July Minutes 2017 – July’s meeting is pushed one week to the second Tuesday in observance of the 4th of July.

July Agenda 2017

June Minutes 2017

June Agenda 2017

May Minutes 2017

May Agenda 2017

April Minutes 2017

April Agenda 2017

March Minutes 2017

March Agenday 2017

February Minutes 2017

February Agenda 2017 

Bylaws North Sound Writers

January Minutes 2017

January Agenda 2017

December 6th 2016 Agenda 2016

November 1st, 2016 Agenda 2016

November 1st 2016 Minutes 2016


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