A science fiction novelist and poet, Mike’s work can be found in several anthologies. He is an artist on Whidbey Island. You can find his paintings up and down the Washington coast.


Why do I write? I write because I enjoy
looking just a little deeper, peel the
plastic off, and try to see what’s around,
then turn it….only a little, until new,
unused reflections, appear, showing me
what is(mostly)possible, and where to
find the words needed to describe it. some
days, it’s like a ride, and I lean, way out,
to catch some air, challenging the physics
of the written word. typewriters were
magical instruments to me, and electric?
I still swoon. now, I pull those thoughts out,
stretch them ’til they reach their logical
endings, and share them, where I can.
I look forward to putting a book together
and sharing that with others.





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