North Sound Writers

North Sound Writers is a not for profit volunteer run organization committed to supporting, educating, and inspiring writers of all genres who seek publication

Support Local Writers

We have many goals with North Sound Writers. Unfortunately, we can’t do that without the support from our community. We are actively seeking members to join our growing organization. If you’d like to join, please use the contact page and reach out to us. If you’d like to show your support and donate to our cause, please use the PayPal link below.

Your support directly funds our goal to become a non-profit, getting books into the hands of locals up and down the Puget Sound. It goes to fund the Young Author Summer Boot Camp we’re planning, and a future Writers Conference we’re hoping to hold in early 2019. Not to mention keeping our blog up and running, giving a voice to local writers!  We encourage everyone to come check out one of our meetings and see what we’re all about!

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